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Advertising Rates

Choosing the right venue to reach the best possible demographics for your brand is essential to your business’ survival in this ever-changing economic climate. Elizabeth Mason and The Paper Bag Princess are pioneers in retailing having launched in January of 1997. With a world-wide list of loyal followers you can place yourself securely on to meat all your internet advertising needs. When you purchase an advertising campaign, your banner will appear in rotation on each page of The banner will cease to be displayed when the number of purchased impressions has been fulfilled.

The costs for advertising are as follows:

  • $50 for 5,000 ad views **$10.00 CPM
  • $100 for 12,500 ad views **$8.00 CPM
  • $150 for 20,000 ad views **$7.50 CPM
  • $250 for 40,000 ad views **$6.25 CPM
  • $500 for 100,000 ad views **$5.00 CPM (**CPM – Cost per thousand impressions or page views. $10.00 CPM means that it costs $10.00 to have your banner viewed 1000 times on our website.)Banner Specs
  • JPEG or GIF images only.
  • Size 468×60