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Offering twenty years experience, Elizabeth Mason is a pioneer in the luxury retail fashion and design industry. She has the power to ignite growth through strategic posturing with the global media and celebrity participation and endorsements that will forge a formidable foundation for your brand awareness.

Elizabeth Mason is available as a consultant to your business no matter how big or small.
Public Relations
Retail Strategy
Internet Strategy
Emerging Markets
Design Research and Strategy
Television, Video Production
Web Design
see if you can save. Please contact us here to discuss rates and your company’s consulting needs.

My Clients Write:“Dear Elizabeth,
I’d like to start by saying that you are the person I intend to become. In addition to any business, marketing, and promotional knowledge or opportunities that you share with me I will also be observing and modeling your thoughts, feelings, and actions. They are a large part of what has gotten you where you are today. I am thrilled and excited about this relationship and left last week feeling more hopeful and optimistic about my future than I ever had. This feeling was worth many times your fee.

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  1. 1 says

    Back in 2004, I brought in a Stephan Cara Teal Satin Evening Gown w/ dyed fox fur. Consignment Contract # TO-396. To Date, I have not heard anything from you and I was wondering what happended to my evening gown???

    I had even called at one point to provide you with my new contact information. My telephone # is 905 634 6369.

    I would appreciate hearing from you.nn1