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If you are a contemporary fashion designer, costume designer, or stylist, searching for the genesis or cornerstone to your next runway collection, lead character in a major motion picture, television or music video production then you will love this very special department that I have developed just for you.

We have extremely comprehensive collection of important vintage couture and design wear from the turn of the century to current contemporary designs that available  for either studio wardrobe or current fashion design inspiration.

The collection is limited to trade use only and may either be rented, sketched or photographed for a fee. Please contact us directly for rates.

All rental agreements are based on a 24-hour to a one-year license and guarantee that NO other design house or entertainment project will have access to the item for a period of twelve months.

This private couture collection is constantly updated with vibrant and exciting pieces with a vision of something unique and different, offering a design element that hasn’t been considered lately, bringing you a new interpretation reflecting an old technique of a bygone era that will ignite and inspire your current designs.

We also offer a vast array of design inspiration shoes and handbags spanning all decades as well as a collection of vintage scarves and fabric prints that are available under the same research terms to all customers and fashion designers.

Not to be missed is my extensive library that is available to everyone during regular business hours and we encourage you all seasoned professionals to young students to make yourself comfortable in my salon and lose yourself in my in-depth research library. Read, browse and enjoy to your heart’s content.

General boutique merchandise is available to all without the need for an appointment however if you wish to work with me privately with my couture collections you will need to contact us personally to set your private appointment.

Feel free to contact us a either of our locations by telephone or email. Please forward to us any material you wish to submit to us prior to your private appointment that would facilitate us in appreciating your visions that we may have pieces pulled for you in advance. All submissions are held in the strictest of confidence.

We will also consider your request to bring selected pieces to your office or showroom should your prefer. Looking forward to inspiring you.