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Elizabeth Mason founded The Paper Bag Princess Vintage Couture in 1992 followed by her first reference book, The Rag Street Journal

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23 Oct

Vintage Wedding

The Largest selection of Vintage Designer Bridal Gowns the world over.View a selection of our beautiful collection in the show we presented at Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills.

Many of the gowns shown here in this collection may already have been sold, however we have an impressive collection in stock, and many of the pieces you will see here in this fashion show still remain in Elizabeth Mason’s Private Vintage Couture Collection, and are available as design inspiration, and can be replicated in custom sizes for our private bridal clients. Please contact us directly to discuss the availability of individual pieces, or to have your couture bridal gown created for you personally from the looks you see here or perhaps...
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1 Nov

Vintage Tribute to Valentino


Included in the show were pieces from Mason's own line, Elizabeth Mason Couture, such as red silk taffeta wraps, and some VERY fitted (like a glove!) siren gowns (Maria Bello was wearing one). I can't imagine the knee sweep (Advanced Fashion School terminology, sorry kiddies) on them but trust me, these are gowns to stand and hold Martinis in--not to sit. Which is how it should be!

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The Last Emperor by Melinda Soerjoko
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